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'Not Yet' wins Best Director Award at PMPISFF in India

Iran short film 'Not Yet' receives Best Director Award at the PMPISFF in India.

 Iranian short 'Not Yet' has succeeded to receive Best Director Award at the 1st edition of the PMPIS Film Festival in India.

The jury members of the Indian film event granted Best Director award to Iranian director Arian Vazir-Daftari.

The 15-minute film is about Hasti who has just turned 21. She studies abroad and her parents in Iran want to congratulate her online.

Despite the distractions of her life abroad, Hasti has missed her old home in Iran. Meanwhile, her parents are intent on concealing their crumbling marriage.

The short film made its national premiere at the 33rd edition of the Tehran Short Film Festival in November 2016 in Iran, winning the award for best fiction.

The PMPISFF is being held in collaboration with India Film Institute in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

The 2018 edition of the Festival was held on June 24, but the awards were recently granted to the winners.