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Iran short 'Silence' to screen in US filmfest

Iran short 'Silence' by Maryam Pirband is to screen in US.

Iran short film 'Silence' directed by Maryam Pirband has been selected to screen at the 2018 Portland Deaf Film Festival (PDX DFF) in the US.

The seven-minute action/drama flick tells the story of a young deaf mother who has a difficult and dangerous job.

She cleans outside of high buildings when she is on ropes. One day while at work something strange happens to her. She saves another woman's life.

The film has so far brought the director a win at the 13th edition of the Action On Film (AOF) International Film Festival in the US. She was awarded the Best Woman Director at the event.

The Portland Deaf Film Festival aims to create a space in which the deaf community's talents are showcased and embraced through visual media.

The first edition of PDX DFF is slated for October 6, 2018.