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Iranian 'Lotus' to go on screen in the UK

Iranian doc 'Lotus' is to go on screen at the Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society in the UK.

Iranian documentary 'Lotus' has been set to go on screen at the Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society (Poly) in the UK.

Made by Iranian filmmaker Mohammad-Reza Vatandoust, the documentary narrates the story of an old woman who has lost her son in the war.

Her son's grave gets buried under water because a dam is constructed in the area, that is why she has never been able to see his gravestone.

After 12 years, the woman is in a boat to go and visit her son's graveyard which is now emerged out of the water in the form of a small island.

The film's name is 'Lotus' which means water lily. In Persian water lily stands for purity and knowledge.

The documentary is scheduled to go on the British screen on October 20, 2018.

‘Lotus’ has so far attended the National competition section and the Shahid Avini Award Competition section at the 11th Iran International Documentary Film Festival of Cinema Verite, the 24th LA Film Festival in the US, the 21st Cervino Cinemountain International Film Festival in Italy, and the 25th Sheffield International Documentary Festival in the UK.

Other documentaries at the Poly program are from the US, Germany, Brazil, India and Norway.

The Poly is located in Cornwall County in southwestern England and promotes innovation in the arts and sciences through film screening sessions, exhibitions, talks, music, plays and workshops.