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Milano Filmfest kicks off with Iran attendees

Milano Int'l FICTS Festival has kicked off in Italy with Iranian movie lineup in attendance.

The 36th edition of Milano International FICTS Festival has kicked off in Italy with Iranian movie lineup in attendance. 

The lineup includes names such as 'Captain Amir' by Saeed Chaari, 'I Am Iranian' by Mohammad-Reza Ahanj, 'Are You Volleyball?!' by Mohammd Bakhshi and 'Sniff' by Farzaneh Amini.

There are also some documentaries to compete as Iran representatives at the festival, including 'Snowy Way' by Azar Faramarzi, 'My Sister Mohadeseh' by Atefeh Mehrabi, 'I Am a Leader' by Mohsen Khanjahani, 'Iran Plus Two Powers' by Farzaneh Amini, 'Norouz Footballi' by Mojtaba Poorbakhsh and 'Football 1' co-directed by Ramin Rastad and Sobhan Farzaneh.

The movies will compete in different sections of the Milan festival, including Movies & TV Football-Medium and Feature section, Sport & Disability section, Boxing section and Wrestling section.

The Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs (FICTS) promotes and spreads the development of the Olympic Values and the culture of sports through the actual use of sports images under the motto “Culture through Sport”.

FICTS is the organizer of the event, which is the final phase of the World FICTS Challenge that runs in 16 countries, including Iran.

The Milan FICTS is currently underway in Milan and will run until November 19, 2018.