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Iran film ‘There, the Same Hour’ launches shooting

Iran feature film ‘There, the Same Hour’ by Sirous Alvand starts shooting stage in Tehran.

Iran feature film ‘There, the Same Hour’ by Sirous Alvand has started shooting stage in Tehran.

A brief synopsis of the flick reads, “Rana, an elementary school teacher, and Amir, a simple worker, have started their loving life in an old neighborhood located in Tehran suburbs. They are oblivious of the mischievous malevolent that has targeted their simple happiness.”

A number of Iranian stars including Parviz Parastoui, Shahram Haqiqatdoust, Amir-Hossein Fathi and Mahour Alvand have been cast to appear in the new film.

According to a media report, Alvand that has not made movies in four years is directing the new film.

Born in 1951, Sirous Alvand began his artistic life by writing the movie ‘Meeting Point of Fury’ in 1971.

He continued work in the field of screenwriting and then made his directorial debut in 1975.

Alvand has received a Crystal Simorgh for Best Director for his movie ‘Once and for All’ (1992) at the 11th edition of Fajr International Film Festival.

He has also written and directed several movies, including ‘Rooted in Blood’ (1984), ‘The Ruin’ (1985), ‘The Night it Happened’ (1988), ‘The Encounter’ (1991), ‘The Face’ (1995), ‘Cardboard Hotel’ (1996), ‘Saghar’ (1997), ‘Corrupted Hands’ (1999), ‘The Winning Card’ (2003), ‘Trap’ (2005) and ‘This Apple is Also for You’ (2014).

‘Crank Call’ (2001), ‘The Second Woman’ (2007) and ‘Blood Orange’ (2010) are among the movies that he has directed.

Alvand also directed the TV series ‘The Weary-Hearted’ (2009) and the made-for-TV film ‘Burnt Stars’ (2010).