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Pre-production stage for 'Prophet Moses' officially begins

Prophet Moses (PBUH) series officially enters pre-production phase.

The highly anticipated Prophet Moses (PBUH) series directed by Jamal Shourjeh has officially entered the pre-production phase.

A meeting between director Jamal Shourjeh, producer Ahmad Mir-Alai, and the film’s investors was held where an official agreement was reached allowing for the pre-production phase of the long-awaited series to officially begin.

Based on reports, the series will be the second largest historical project for Iranian television with 44 out of 52 total written episodes having been finalized.

Previously, the series’ producer Ahmad Mir-Alai had said that production for the film will take about four years to complete.

Although, the cast has yet to be announced, a recent media report indicated that 'Prophet Joseph' star Mostafa Zamani is a candidate for the leading role.

The story of Prophet Moses (PBUH), having been frequently mentioned in the Quran, Bible, and the Torah, has been universally recognized as a significant historical as well as religious story.