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Five Iranian movies to compete in Indian Film Fest

Five Iranian movies will compete at the 17th Third Eye Film Festival in India.

Five Iranian movies have been selected to compete at the 17th annual Third Eye Asian Film Festival in Mumbai, India.

‘Mothering’ directed by Roqiyeh Tavakkoli, ‘Villa Residents’ directed by Munir Gheidi, ‘Leaf of Life’ directed by Ebrahim Mokhtari, ‘Lina’ directed by Ramin Rasouli, and ‘Midday Event’ directed by Behrouz Shoeibi are set to compete at this year’s film festival.

‘Mothering’ is a movie about two sisters; one abandoning her lover, and the other abandoned by her lover.

‘Villa Residents’ depicts the lives of Iranian commander’s wives during the 8-year imposed war against the Ba’athist regime of Iraq, and the struggles and sacrifices they went through.

‘Leaf of Life’ is the story of a man who works hard towards achieving his dream. After achieving it and realizing that it has lost its appeal, he decides to change course in order to pursue a new dream.

‘Lina’ is about a young girl named Maryam who after taking a DNA test, realizes that her parents are not her biological ones. She decides to begin the journey of finding her true parents, discovering a phone number from another country.

‘Midday Event’ is a political drama that portrays the terrorist atrocities of the MKO terrorist organization during the heightened political tensions of the early days of the Islamic Republic in the 1980s, and the team of brave Revolutionary Guardsmen who hunted them down.

The Third Eye Asian Film Festival is an event that promotes the cinematic talent of Asian countries. The event aims to take advantage of the cinematic platform in order to establish a common bond between Asian countries in the face of the common issues they face.

The festival is currently underway in Mumbai, India and will conclude on December 20, 2018.