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Indian filmfest names Iran’s ‘Ako’ best feature film

Iran’s ‘Ako’ grabs the award for the best feature film at the 2nd LIFFT India Filmotsav-World Cine Fest.

Iran’s ‘Ako’, directed by Nabi Qolizadeh, has grabbed the award for the best feature film at the 2nd edition of the LIFFT India Filmotsav-World Cine Fest in the Indian city of Lonavala.

The movie narrates the story of Ako, a teenage porter working in Tehran’s Grand Bazaar, who has a secret and does not want anyone to know it.

The Indian event also named Iran’s ‘Breathing’ the best short film.

Directed by Farshid Ayyoubinejad, the short is about a number of workers at a stone quarry who are forced to hide in a dark room every time the insurance agent visits their workplace.

Eight more Iranian films were also screened at the festival, including Abbas Rafei’s movie ‘Oblivion Season’, ‘No Exit’ by Azadeh Masihpour, ‘Gloomy Green’ made by Forouzan Jalili, ‘Balance’ by Barzin Rostami and ‘Blindness’ directed by Navid Nikkhah-Azad.

The gala also displayed ‘You Do Not Perceive’ by Payam Qorbani, ‘A Gift for a Gloomy Day’ by Behzad Khodaveisi and Mohammad Bakhshi’s ‘Are You Volleyball?’.

The 2nd edition of the festival took place on December 6-10, 2018.