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Iranian cineastes who died in 2018

Iran has lost several prominent stars in 2018, including legendary actor Ezzatollah Entezami.

Iran has lost several prominent stars in 2018, including legendary actor Ezzatollah Entezami and Farideh Saberi, the actress of ifilm series ‘Solace of the Heart’.

This year we saw the loss of Iranian actress Farideh Saberi who passed away at the age of 69 in the Iranian capital city of Tehran on February 8 after a battle with cancer. She appeared in the series ‘Solace of the Heart’ and 'The Fateful Day’ movie which have been aired by ifilm.

On March 7, the director of classic Iranian series 'Braves of Tangestan', Homayoun Shahnavaz, died from injuries he sustained during a fire at his home.

In the same month, Levon Haftvan, the star of the acclaimed flick 'Kupal', passed away at the age of 51 after a heart attack.

A-list voice actor Bahram Zand, who was suffering from cancer, also departed this life in 2018. He died on April 7 at the age of 68.

On May 18, the actor of ifilm's movie 'Charlatan', Hossein Shahab, died at the age of 72. He was suffering from kidney failure and liver disease.

Among the Iranian cineastes lost this year was veteran actor, director, playwright, and producer Sadreddin Shajareh who died on June 20 at the age of 66. He has appeared in a number of series, including ifilm series 'Zero Degree Turn'.

On August 17, legendary actor Ezzatollah Entezami passed away. He was 94. Entezami received two Fajr International Film Festival’s Crystal Simorghs for Best Actor for ‘Grand Cinema’ (1988) and ‘Angel’s Day’ (1993). He also received a certificate of Merit from the Fajr Festival for ‘Nassereddin Shah, Film Actor’ (1991).

Also in August, Seyyed-Ziaeddin Dorri, the director of ifilm series 'The Pahlavi Hat', passed away at the age of 65.

Earlier this month, Ziba Boroufeh, the star of ifilm series ‘Reyhaneh’, lost her husband Payam Saberi. He, who was a make-up artist for films and series, passed away after a heart attack on December 9 at the age of 45.