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‘Prophet Moses (PBUH)’ to take 5 years: Director

Director of Iranian series ‘Prophet Moses (PBUH)’ says its making will take 5 years.

Director of new Iranian series ‘Prophet Moses (PBUH)’, Jamal Shourjeh, has said his new offerning is to take about five years.

The director said that he had the project in mind for a long time but had to wait until recently for a start. 

The first draft for the 52-episode series had been written by late director Farajollah Salahshour and Hojjatol-Eslam Saeed Bahmanpour re-wrote it.

According to the plan, pre-production of the series will take about one year, three years for production stage, and one year is dedicated to post-production phase.

The series pre-production stage has kicked off about a week ago.