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Hamed Behdad joins cast of new series ‘Heart’

Iran actor Hamed Behdad is cast in Manouchehr Hadi's upcoming series ‘Heart (Del)’.

Iran actor Hamed Behdad has been cast in Manouchehr Hadi’s upcoming series ‘Heart (Del)’.

Behdad is set to replace Mohammad-Reza Golzar who left the project due to his busy schedule.

Written by Babak and Maytham Kaydan, the series is romantic and revolves around two people who have been separated.

Iranian actress Sareh Bayat will also appear in the series.

The series will be reportedly two seasons long, each composed of 14 episodes.

Iranian movie theaters are currently screening a movie starring Behdad.

The 90-minute ‘Sly’, directed by Kamal Tabrizi, narrates the story of Qodrat who wants to become a member of parliament, but he has a reputation for recklessness and taking arbitrary action.

Deciding his best course of action is negotiating with assorted parties and politicians, none take him seriously until he’s connected to a single, notorious incident.