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‘Prisoners’ preparing for official screening

Iranian film ‘Prisoners’ is preparing for its official screening.

After completing the technical phase along with the special effects, celebrated director Masoud Dehnamaki’s latest flick ‘Prisoners’ is ready to be screened in Iranian cinemas.

Although various reports had claimed that Dehnamaki’s flick would be screened immediately following its appearance at the 37th Fajr Film Festival, the director had written a letter refuting said claims, indicating that his film will not be participating in this year’s festival.

According to the director, the absence of ‘Prisoners’ in this year’s festival is due to the irrelevance of the film’s theme with the atmosphere of the festival’s competitions.

Being the director’s seventh film, ‘Prisoners’ will be featuring a cast unlike Dehnamaki’s previous flicks.

Behnam Tashakkor, Houman Barqnavard, Hedayat Hashemi, Borzou Arjmand, Bahareh Afshari, Behnoush Bakhtiyari, Asghar Naghizadeh, Rasoul Najafian and Amir Nouri are among the film’s cast.

Similar to his previous films, Dehnamaki’s latest flick will be centered on everyday social issues facing the current generation with a comedic twist.

Prominent acting duo, Behnam Tashakkor and Houman Barqnavard, have starred in many ifilm features including ‘Bad Days Pass’, ‘Cops and Robbers’, ‘Pejman’, ‘The Doormat’, and ‘Chimney’.