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Pouriya Poursorkh opens up about personal life

Enjoy an exclusive talk with Pouriya Poursorkh.

Fit! Sweet! Shy! In his words, pasteurized! A food lover! A person who takes lots of risks! All is to be Pouriya Poursorkh!

Pouriya lives a disciplined life like no other actor does. He doesn’t cross red lines and now, at 41, he hasn’t tied the knot yet! He is currently on ifilm with two over the top series ‘Kimia’ and ‘Day of Envy’! We could not find any better excuse to bring you an excerpt from his interview with Mehran Modiri in ‘The Gathering’ TV show.

To put it brief, Pouriya hit his peak as an actor and became a rising star in 2005-2006 for appearing in the much applauded TV series ‘Vafa’.  In the same year, he received nomination for the Best Leading Actor from the 25th Fajr Film Festival for ‘The Third Day’. However, he made his acting debut in 2004 with the series ‘Great Escape’.

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‘Kimia’ star starts introducing himself to his fans saying, “If I want to tell you about my personal life, I'm a very disciplined person. For example, if anyone who has the key to my apartment goes there, I can tell them exactly where everything is, in every drawer, what’s next to it. I think one of the reasons that whenever I've worked with a director or producer, I’ve been offered a job by that same person again is this characteristic I have. I’m organized. If we take this a bit further, it can make the definition we have of pasteurized!”

Poursorkh is a food lover. He loves Indian and Spanish foods, Mediterranean dishes in general. His love for food is so deep that he says, “If the closest person to me attempts robbery, you can get me confess where he’s hidden the money with a dish of Fesenjoun! Fesenjoun from north of Iran.”

The ‘Free Fall’ star spends many hours in the gym! In spite of all the pieces of advice his trainers offer him for a healthy diet, he says he really eats too much but he tries to exercise more.

“I’ve never smoked cigarettes or anything else! Even in movies that I’ve been in! I know it’s very bad!”

Did you know that Poursorkh is a spendthrift? He spends too much money mostly on travelling …. He told ‘The Gathering’ show that, “If I could stop my trips, maybe I’d have a studio like this today. Perhaps I’d be sitting in your seat - referring to Mehran Modiri! Perhaps I’d have a drawer full of luxury watches!”   

 The stubborn Arash of ‘Kimia’ believes that marriage needs courage.

“I think I should start with myself. I want to say that I’m ready for marriage whenever I’m sure that I can make someone else happier! I mean if my future wife is 60% happy at her father’s house, when she marries me, she should be 80% happy with me. I should make her more satisfied with life!”

Poursorkh holds the idea that if we put ourselves in each other’s shoes, many problems will be solved. He believes happiness means health and peace! Are you too of the same opinion? What is happiness to you?