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Iran short ‘Slaughter’ to screen at Scotland Filmfest

Iran short film ‘Slaughter’ is to go on screen at Scotland’s Glasgow Short Film Festival.

Iran short film ‘Slaughter’ has been scheduled to go on the silver screen at the 12th edition of international Glasgow Short Film Festival in Scotland.

Glasgow International Short Film Festival in Scotland is one of the biggest short film contests in that region. 54 flicks out of the 1700 nominated films are selected to compete in the event, and the Iranian short is one of the entries.

Co-directed by Ako ZandKarimi and Saman Hosseinpour, the short film depicts the story of a family who has to sell their only cow to live through a severely cold winter. The son of the family, however, is not happy with the deal, so he lets the cow escape.

‘Slaughter’ has competed in a number of international and domestic festivals including the International Student Film Festival in Bulgaria.

The 12th edition of Glasgow International Short Film Festival is slated for March 13-17, 2019.