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Iranian director pays tribute to Salahshour

Prophet Moses director Jamal Shourjeh pays tribute to the late Farajollah Salahshour.

In a ceremony commemorating the late Farajollah Salahshour, his family members and various figures in the Iranian film industry including the director of the ‘Prophet Moses’ series Jamal Shourjeh paid their respects to the late cinema veteran.

Earlier in the ceremony, the late director’s son highlighted the endless accomplishments of his father’s career including the ‘Prophet Joseph’ series, stating “The series was not a success due to its technical strength; rather it spoke words which were drawn from human nature.”

Writer and director Jamal Shourjeh who is currently directing Farajollah Salahshour’s ‘Prophet Moses’ series noted, “The late Mr. Salahshour’s main work was in the field of religious approximation. In reality, all of the stories that he worked on had a lot in common between all religions and his goal was to expand on the approximation of religions.”

Director of Iranian TV’s channel one, Majid Zeinolabedin, also shared his sentiments for the late cinema prodigy expressing, “although it’s sad that he [Salahshour] is no longer with us, his thoughts and ideas never left, as they laid foundations that will last forever.”

Zeinolabedin further added, “The late Mr. Salahshour had true faith in what he did and this firm belief helped invoke feelings of nostalgia in his viewers.”

Born in 1952 in the Iranian city of Qazvin, Salahshour was widely known for his historic religious series ‘Prophet Joseph’.

He entered the realm of art with acting in theater before appearing in several movies, including ‘Flight at Night’, ‘Human and Arms’, ‘Thirsty Palm Grove’ and ‘The World Upside-Down’.

Salahshour has directed and appeared in the movie ‘Prophet Job’. He also wrote, produced and directed the TV series ‘Prophet Joseph’ and 'The Men of Angelos'.

The late filmmaker’s final project was the new ‘Prophet Moses’ series which he had written, but was cut short following his passing.

The series is currently in its pre-production phase with Jamal Shourjeh taking over as director.

Salahshour passed away at the age of 63 on February 27, 2016, in Tehran.