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'Gando' to head to China for filming

Iranian series ‘Gando’ to begin filming in China soon.

Kimia’ director Javad Afshar’s brand new series ‘Gando’ which recently wrapped up filming scenes in Turkey will be headed to China within the next month.

According to Mojtaba Amini, the film’s producer, the crew which began filming seven months ago is back in Tehran after wrapping up shooting in the Turkish city of Anatolia and will head to China for the next stage of filming within a month.

Written by Arash Qaderi, the 30 episode series is a spy-thriller based on historical events with the second season already in the process of being written.

‘Gando’ refers to a type of crocodile that is unique to the region of Southeast Asia.

Starring in the film will be Daryoush Farhang, Leila Otadi, Sara Khoueeniha, Aliram Nouraei, Pendar Akbari, Kambiz Dirbaz, Mohammad-Reza Sharifinia, Kamand Amir-Soleymani, Farhad Qaemian and various foreign actors among others.

Javad Afshar known for his series ‘Dirty Money’,  ‘Brother’, ‘The Edge of Fire’, ‘Jaber ibn Hayyan’, ‘Kimia’, and ‘Like a Mother’ is no stranger to ifilm viewers as his works have regularly appeared on the channel.