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Movie lineup for Nowruz screening announced

seven films has been selected to premiere in movie theaters during Persian New Year holidays.

A batch of seven films has been selected to premiere in movie theaters across the country during Persian New Year holidays.   

The film premiere will kick off on Saturday.

The selection includes Bahram Tavakkoli’s ‘Takhti, the World Champion’. The winner of two Crystal Simorghs from the 37th Fajr Film Festival is a biopic on the Iranian world champion’s life from cradle to grave.

Movie goers in Iran will also enjoy Dehnamaki's comedy 'The Prisoners' during Nowruz which deals with social issues of the contemporary era.

‘6.5 Per Meter’ by Saeed Roustaee, which is a creative effort to depict the horrible image of narcotics, is also included in Nowruz premiere list.

'White Forehead 3' by Javad Hashemi, ‘The Prisoners’ by Masoud Dehnamaki, ‘Rahman 1400’ by Manouchehr Hadi, ‘Four Fingers’ by Hamed Mohammadi and ‘Pig Gene’ by Saeed Soheili make other names of the list.

'White Forehead' is a trilogy enjoying a fantasy theme with Iranian folklore characters and ambiance.

‘Rahman 1400’ is another comedy gracing holidays for Iranians. It is a story about Rahman who is facing severe financial problems and difficulties and intends to ask for help from a company where the entire story begins.    

‘Four Fingers’ narrates the tale of two friends who travel to Cambodia to finish an unfinished job, facing challenges while the story of ‘Pig Gene’ has not been revealed yet for cinema enthusiasts.