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Iran’s ‘Blows with the Wind’ grabs award at Filmsaaz

Iran’s ‘Blows with the Wind’ wins award at the Filmsaaz, an int'l short film festival in India.

Iran’s short animated film ‘Blows with the Wind’ has been awarded at the 12th edition of the Filmsaaz, an international short film festival in India.

Directed by Hazhir Asadi, ‘Blows with the Wind’ grabbed the Filmsaaz's award for the best animation.

The film will also attend four other international festivals this year, including All Together Now: A Celebration of Art, Film & Music as well as KWCFilmFest in the US.

It will also be screened at the Oxford International Short Film Festival in the UK and the Jehlum Short & Long Film Festival in India.

'Blows with the Wind' is the story of a scarecrow that faces some unpleasant events. The scarecrow becomes human and breaks away from those situations.

On the way, he meets two other scarecrows whose conditions are not better than that of him. Thus he is on the horns of a dilemma and must make a tough decision.


Rauf Abdolkater, Pakistan

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