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World media reacts to Mashayekhi’s death

Foreign media has reacted to the death of veteran actor Jamshid Mashayekhi.

Foreign media outlets have reacted to the death of Iran veteran actor Jamshid Mashayekhi.

Following the national news coverage on the actor’s passing, foreign media has also shared stories upon this grief, calling it a tragic incident for Iran cinema.    

New York Times, Washington Post, Washington Times, MSN TV, Euronews, Turkey-based Anadolu News Agency as well as Associated Press are among the news media which reacted to this loss.

Reporting Mashayekhi’s passing away, Euronews recalled his long acting journey and humble beginnings as an actor and named him a love devotee.

Grief gripped Iran film industry and the country at large when news of legend Jamshid Mashayekhi's death started doing the rounds.

The legend actor’s contribution to Iran cinema is not obscure to anyone as he is remembered mostly for appearing in historical TV series such as ' Kamal-ol-Molk' and 'Hezar Dastan'.

Mashayekhi has passed away on April 2, 2019 in a hospital in Tehran after a long time of illness and bad health.