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Asian Cinematography Awards lauds ‘Slaughter’

Asian Cinematography Awards in the Philippines has awarded ‘Slaughter’.

Asian Cinematography Awards (ACA) in the Philippines has awarded ‘Slaughter’ co-directed by Saman Hosseinpour and Ako Zand-Karimi.  

The Filipino film event announced best film of the month with Iran ‘Slaughter’ being bestowed Best Cinematography of an Asian Short Film Award.

This short film is the story of a family who is forced to sell their cow in order to survive a tough winter; however, the son of the family is not buying the decision so he lets the cow go.

The film had its first international presence at 2018 Early Bird International Student Film Festival in Bulgaria.  

Since then, ‘Slaughter’ has competed in a number of international and domestic film festivals, including FOKUS film festival in Denmark, 17th edition of Third Eye Asian Film Festival in India, 12th Kustendorf Film and Music Festival in Serbia as well as the 12th international Glasgow Short Film Festival in Scotland.

Asian Cinematography Awards invites monthly submissions from around the world of films which demonstrate excellence in cinematography and other aspects of filmmaking.

The festival also introduces annual winners which will receive the ‘Golden Eagle’, the official statuette of Cinematography AWARDS.

‘Slaughter’ was named winner of the March 2019 category of the festival.