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Iran’s short ‘Fish’ to vie at Italian film festival

Iran’s short ‘Fish’ is to compete at the River Film Festival in Italy.

Iran’s short ‘Fish’, directed by young filmmaker Mohammad Rahimian, has been set to compete at the River Film Festival in Italy.

The film will take part at the Film Schools section of the 13th edition of the River Film Festival.

The River Film Festival is totally free entrance. It “will be four intense, extraordinary, weeks in which we encounter stories, techniques and people that are all very different, but are united by the idea that Cinema can offer a spectacular wide-open window on multiculturality through images from all over the world,” according to the event's website.

The films will be shown on the screen on the raft moored in the middle of the 16th century fluvial port used for trade between Padua and Venice at the city gate of Porta Portello. This enchanting setting is just one of the many features that have attracted people to the gala over the years.

The 13th edition of the River Film Festival will take place in the Italian city of Padua on June 1-30, 2019.