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Sunday April 14, 2019 22:04213

ifilm explores ‘Hattrick’ key elements of success

In an ifilm exclusive report, Ramtin Lavvafi, the director of 'Hattrick' has explained about characterization, stage and costume designing as the most dominant elements of the award-winning flick.

In an ifilm exclusive report, the director of the movie Ramtin Lavvafi has explained about characterization, stage and costume designing as the most dominant elements of the award-winning flick.

As a social family movie which depicts a psychological theme, ‘Hattrick’ enjoys a very rich screenplay. The screenplay contains one of the most important elements of the story and develops it in the best possible way. This element is nothing but characterization. How the characters are developed from the beginning to the end of the movie is the most important concern for the director who is also the scriptwriter of the flick.

The chain of events in the movie put the characters in circumstances that make them deal with unexpected and complicated situations. Therefore, the story enjoys strong characters who, in the course of the unexpected events, develop and at the end they completely transform.

A good director is a good psychologist who knows how to deal with the characters who are to render the roles which are based on the complicated events in the screen play. This is the mystery behind ‘Hattrick’ that paves the way for the flick to receive top Iranian award at Fajr Film Festival.

 Other elements like stage and costume designing have also had effective roles on the success of this movie.

‘Hattrick’ opens with Lida and her husband, Farzad, attending a party where they see their friend Keyvan and his new friend Raha. On the way back home, the four riding in Farzad’s car have an accident but whether they have hit a person or an object remains a question mark.

The next setting is Raha’s home where she lives alone. The four friends being in that house together is the beginning for many mysteries to come to light.