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Doc to highlight history of motorcycle

Iranian documentary to highlight history of the motorcycle in Iran.

A documentary chronicling the history of motorcycles in Iran is in the works by director Farahnaz Sharifi.

Set to be produced by Hamid Qezlu, the idea originally came to the producer’s mind while reading a book on the role of motorcycles in modern Tehran.

According to Qezlu, although the first motorcycle was imported to Iran over a century ago, there has yet to be even a page of reliable information on the history of the motorcycle in the country.

The producer also noted that 500 issues of vintage magazines published over the last 120 years were studied by a team of researchers in order to collect information on the subject.

Based on the team’s findings, the first motorcycle imported to Iran was recorded by the country’s customs office in 1912.

The original motorcycles were imported to Iran from Russia and India, with Japanese motorcycles not being introduced until the late 1950s.

Qezlu who highlighted the frequent use of motorcycles in Iranian films of the 1960s said that shooting of the documentary will begin upon completion of research on the topic this summer.