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ifilm to air finale for ‘Family Restaurant’

ifilm English TV is to air finale for the series ‘Family Restaurant’ on Sunday.

ifilm English channel has set to air final episode of the series ‘Family Restaurant’ on Sunday.

The final episode for the series, produced by Saeed Shahsavari and directed by Hossein Soheilizadeh, will be aired on April 28, 2019, at 21:00 GMT.

In the series, Reza, the head of the Derakhshan family, has a new project. He's lost his wife and is now retired, and he needs something to keep him busy, so he decides to open a restaurant!

It is a family restaurant that his children and sister can help run. But will everyone share his dream? And can they all get along?

The series cast list includes Nima Fallah, Kourosh Tahami, Reza Tavakkoli, Morteza Ahmadi, Amir Nouri, Nadia Deldar-Golchin, Shohreh Soltani, and Shaqayeq Dehqan.

The long list of popular stars in the series goes on with Daryoush Asadzadeh, Farhad Aslani, Amir Ghaffarmanesh, Reza Karam-Rezaei, Ramin Parchami, Reza Banafsheh-Khah, Laleh Sabouri, and Kambiz Dirbaz.

‘Family Restaurant’, produced in 2001, will be replaced by ‘A Passenger to Rey’ made by Davoud Mir-Baqeri.