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Book on Ali Nasiriyan’s life publishes

A book about Iranian actor Ali Nasiriyan publishes.

A book called Mr. Naïve (in Persian: Mr. Halou), written by Negar Hosseini, has been published about the veteran Iranian actor Ali Nasiriyan.

In the book, attempts have been made to not only provide a narrative of the personal as well as professional life of Mr. Nasiriyan, but also to review the artistic events and developments of the period between 1940-2010.

 In a part of the book which is published in 321 pages, Nasiriyan is quoted as saying “people ask me to share my acting experiences with others. But what should I share? If I tell the youth that when I was a high school student I went to City Park which was under construction at that time and had no trees or walls or fences and practiced acting, what would they answer me? Based on their own criteria, they tell me that I was crazy”.