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Israel blocking Gaza aid to become doc

Iranian filmmaker creates documentary on Gaza aid ship blocked by Israel.

Iranian documentary ‘A Few Breaths to the Horizon’ directed by Jamshid Abrazi has completed the production stages.

The documentary recounts the story of a Gaza bound aid ship carrying humanitarian relief which was blocked by Israel.

Ten years ago, the ship which was carrying food and medical supplies headed for Gaza was blocked from delivering their relief by Israeli and Egyptian forces.

40 days later, the relief cargo was delivered to the people of Gaza by the Lebanese government using boats.

On the production of ‘A Few Breaths to the Horizon’ the director said: “The documentary took around one year to make and we were able to produce the documentary using archived photos and the ship captain’s account of the story.”

On his motive for producing the documentary, Abrazi added: “The production of the documentary was intended to express our gratitude to the brave and honorable people who faced many hardships and obstacles in order to deliver the aid.”

‘A Few Breaths to the Horizon’ is scheduled to premiere on Iranian national television on the annual Quds day which is held on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadhan.

Prior to this, Jamshid Abrazi had directed other documentaries such as ‘Tree Without a Shadow’, ‘From Life to Lives’, and ‘I am Myself’.