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Trento filmfest hosting Iran’s ‘The Fox’

The 67th Trento Int’l Film Festival in Italy is screening Iran’s ‘The Fox’.

The 67th Trento International Film Festival in Italy has been screening Iranian short animation ‘The Fox’.

Directed by Sadeq Javadi, ‘The Fox’ tells the story of a young fox experiencing its first love. Meanwhile, it gets caught by a hunter who puts a bell around the fox’s neck and returns it to the woods. Now, the fox’s efforts to survive and love all begin.

The short flick has so far attended several global events, including the 2nd Phoenician International Film Festival in France, the 11th biennial Tehran International Animation Festival in Iran, the 2018 CINANIMA International Animated Film Festival in Portugal, the 2019 Anny Animation Nights New York in the US, the 1st FluXus Animation Film Festival in the Netherlands, and the 2018 Kinofilm Manchester International Short Film Festival in the UK.

‘The Fox’ was named the best short film at the World Festival of Animated Film in the Bulgarian city of Varna and the 7th Cebu International Film Festival in the Philippines.

The animation won three awards for Best Animation, Best Director and Best Sound Editing at the 3rd Changing Face International Film Festival in Australia and Best Short Film award at the 23rd International Cross-Media and Children's Television Festival in Italy.

Founded in 1952, the Trento is the oldest international film festival dedicated to the mountains, adventure and exploration.

It has represented the point of reference on these subjects for more than sixty years, over time transforming itself into a genuine testing ground for visions and ideas on the highest lands on earth, embracing an increasing range of interests, including environmental and cultural issues and current affairs, making the festival environment and program even more varied and stimulating.

Started on April 27, 2019, the 67th Trento International Film Festival will run until May 5.