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ifilm exclusive report on Iranian feature ‘White Forehead 3’

Watch ifilm exclusive on Iran’s ‘White Forehead 3’ by Seyyed-Javad Hashemi.

Watch ifilm exclusive report on Iranian musical ‘White Forehead 3’ directed by Seyyed-Javad Hashemi.

ifilm has interviewed the director as well as the film’s music composer Behnam Sabouhi, the set designer Ali Shayanfar, and the actors Amir Ghaffarmanesh and Houman Haji-Abdollahi.

The musical comedy for teens ‘White Forehead’ trilogy enjoys a fantasy theme based on Iranian folklore characters and ambiance.

In addition to Ghaffarmanesh and Haji-Abdollahi, some of the actors appearing in the third part of the trilogy are Mohammad-Reza Sharifinia, Pejman Bazeghi, Leila Otadi, Tarlan Parvaneh, Arsalan Qasemi, Amir-Reza Ahmadi, Ebrahim Shafiee, and Amir Soheili.

ifilm published a exclusive report on the second part of the trilogy in 2018. Click here to watch the report.