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Director of 'Prophet Moses [PBUH]’ series suffers stroke

Iranian director of 'Prophet Moses [PBUH]’, Jamal Shourjeh, is admitted to hospital after suffering stroke.

Iranian director of the series 'Prophet Moses [PBUH]’, Jamal Shourjeh, has been admitted to one of Tehran’s hospitals after suffering a stroke.

The prominent filmmaker is reportedly recovering in the intensive care unit (ICU) as he underwent a surgery to remove a blood clot that he suffered a few days ago.

The president of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), Abdolali Ali-Askari, visited the director in the hospital and wished him a speedy recovery.

“Cinema and TV need the presence of committed artists like you,” the president of IRIB told Shourjeh.

The series 'Prophet Moses [PBUH]’ is currently undergoing pre-production stage.

The biopic TV series on the Prophet Moses [PBUH] is based on Quranic descriptions and references from Tafsir al-Mizan.

Tafsir al-Mizan is an exegesis of the holy Quran. It was written by Allamah Seyyed Mohammad-Hossein Tabatabaee.

Moses [PBUH] is a prophet in Abrahamic religions. He has been mentioned in the Holy Quran.

Shourjeh was born in the Iranian city of Zanjan on February 11, 1955. He has directed a number of war-themed movies, including 'The Tenth Night', 'Kirkuk Mission', 'Edge of Blade', and 'Passing Crimson Line'.