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Don't miss Iran-France-Turkey movie on ifilm this week

ifilm weekend pick 'Transit Café' is highly critical of false traditions prevailing in society, a critic says.

 ifilm weekend pick 'Transit Café' is highly critical of false traditions prevailing in society, a critic says.

Film critic and journalist Amin Farajpour said in a media interview that ‘Transit Café' tries to slam wrong social mores that still exist in far-fetch areas, adding, "Kambuzia Partovi's film has a strong script with an in-depth look at the common misconceptions" in marginalized areas.

"Given that the film enjoys a professional scriptwriter who is the director himself, the selection of characters and the overall structure" of the flick came off well, the critic comments, adding, 'Transit Café' portrays a woman going on with her life in the context of a difficult social situation."

The flick follows Reyhan--an independent-minded woman who recently lost her husband. Because of local traditions, she’s being pressured to marry her late husband’s brother.

When she refuses and continues running business for her late husband’s café, she is met with staunch resistance from her in-laws, but she doesn’t give up and remains determined to earn a decent living for herself and her children.

The title is a co-production of Iran, France and Turkey.

In subcultures across the globe, when a woman's husband passes away, she has to marry her man's brother due to patriarchal ideologies preaching that a woman is a “feeble version” of humans who needs to be taken care of as a commodity.

You can watch the flick slated for this Saturday on ifilm to see how the filmmaker has gone about this issue from an eastern lens. The title is a co-produdtion of Iran, France and Turkey.

We would love to share in the comment section if you have any similar experience of such strange tradition back in your country.



Been there done that! I;m the victim of this. So sad for me and those in the same boat.