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ifilm talks with 'Father' series director

ifilm has conducted interview with director of new ifilm series 'Father'.

In an ifilm exclusive report, director Behrang Tofiqi has talked about his series 'Father' that currently runs on the English channel.

He said of the new ifilm series that in the case of series characters, there should be some new faces that the audiences have not seen before on screen.

Behrang Tofiqi is an Iranian director, actor, scriptwriter and production manager.

He has directed a number of series including ‘Detour’ (2011), ‘A Beautiful Revolution’ (2014), ‘Amen’ (2014), and ‘The Roof of Tehran’ (2015).

Tofiqi has also made some movies such as ‘From Beyond the Grave’ (2009).

Besides directing, he has experiences in assisting director as well as planning and managing production.

As an actor Tofiqi appeared in ‘We Pass by Each Other’ (2000).

ifilm series 'Father' follows the story of Haj Ali who has always tried to live a righteous life and be the best father he can be for his children.

When his son decides to marry a girl who comes from a family with a different belief system, will Haj Ali be able to welcome her into their lives and be like a father to her as well?