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Theater Forum awards veteran actors

Veteran Iranian actors receive lifetime awards.

A group of Iranian cinema veterans were honored for their lifetime achievements in Iranian cinema at the closing ceremony of the Iran Theater Week in Tehran’s Milad Tower.

Award-winning actors Ali Nasiriyan, Mohammad-Ali Keshavarz, Zhaleh Olov, and Iraj Rad were among a group of Iranian cinema veterans who were awarded by the Iranian Theater Forum at the ceremony.

In his acceptance statement, Ali Nasiriyan, actor of the hit film ‘Mirza Nowruz’s Shoes’, spoke highly of the Iranian Theater Forum for their honoring of the cinema veterans.

Mohammad-Ali Keshavarz, known for his memorable role in the classic Iranian series ‘The Patriarch’, was awarded the Iranian Theater Forum medallion.

Due to an illness that prevented Keshavarz from appearing on stage, the hosts presented the medallion to the award-winning actor at his seat.

‘A Passenger to Rey’ actress Zhaleh Olov briefly thanked the people who have always been kind and shown her respect. She further added:

“I am too old to go on stage now, but I can still work in cinema, radio, and be active as a voice actor as well.”

Surprised to receive an award, Iraj Rad the talented actor from ‘Zero Degree Turn’ pointed out that he made his best efforts in serving the Iranian theater family throughout the years.