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Jamal Shourjeh to continue making ‘Prophet Moses’ series

Iranian filmmaker Jamal Shourjeh is to continue making ‘Prophet Moses’ series.

Iranian filmmaker Jamal Shourjeh has been scheduled to continue making ‘Prophet Moses [PBUH]’ series after being released from hospital.

The director returned home on Monday after spending about one week at a Tehran hospital for brain surgery to remove a blood clot.

Producer of the series, Ahmad Miralaee said Shourjeh is in good condition and needs to stay home to recover from the illness completely.

The series ‘Prophet Moses [PBUH]’ is currently undergoing pre-production stage.

The biopic TV series on Prophet Moses [PBUH] is based on Quranic descriptions and references from Tafsir al-Mizan.

Tafsir al-Mizan, written by Allamah Seyyed Mohammad-Hossein Tabatabaee, is an exegesis of the Holy Quran.

Mentioned in the Holy Quran, Moses [PBUH] is a prophet in Abrahamic religions.

Shourjeh was born in the Iranian city of Zanjan on February 11, 1955. He has directed a number of war-themed movies, including ‘The Tenth Night’, ‘Kirkuk Mission’, ‘Edge of Blade’, and ‘Passing Crimson Line’.