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Most memorable Iran series with Ramadan theme: ifilm exclusive

ifilm website has unveiled lineup of most memorable Iranian series with the theme of Ramadan.

ifilm website has unveiled lineup of 12 memorable Ramadan-themed series ever made by Iranian directors.

Just so you know, here is the lineup of impressive series in line with the theme of Ramadan many of which ifilm English has aired with more to come in the near future:

1. 'Lost' (Rambod Javan)

'Lost' series directed by Rambod Javan was made in 2001.This memorable production tells the story of a man who is a criminal played by "Atila Pesiani", who is the spitting image of an influential and wealthy man known as Seyyed.


2. ‘College Entrance Candidates’ (Parisa Bakhtavar)

The series follows the lives of high school seniors studying for their college entrance exams. They gather in a house together to prep for the Iran College Entrance Examination known as Konkour.


3. 'Little Rent-seeker' (Hossein Soheilizadeh)

The series synopsis reads, "Today is the first day of Ramadan and a tenant has the end of month hand in the key to his landlord. The man goes to his office and asks the manager to give him a piece of land on cooperative basis but to no avail as he faces a large number of applicants."


4. 'Vagabond' (Reza Attaran)

The series follows the story of a man and his co-brother who try to keep up with each other in term of social class. One of them is plain street vendor while the other is a bit of a cheat who has designs on his co-brother.


5. 'It Was an Angel' (Alireza Afkhami)

Behzad is a religious man who tries to live a righteous life, but sometimes his holier-than-thou attitude towards others makes him blind to his own shortcomings. When he gets into an accident with a mysterious girl on a deserted road, his faith is put to the test. Now it is time for Behzad to differentiate good from evil and make the right decision.


6. 'The Accused Fled' (Reza Attaran)

The story of this series is about a person named Hashem (Sirous Gorjestani) who lives in simple life in a not-so-distant province. He is a mechanic but due to a medical condition, physicians prohibit him from doing heavy work. Amid such issue, his daughter's offer for him to have a job in Tehran comes in between. Hashem has to shut down his business to pursue a new life in the capital.


7. 'The Spiritualists' (Mohammad-Hossein Latifi)

'The Spiritualists' bears a conscious analogy to a number of stories in the Qur'an. The story revolves around two brothers, Khalil and Jalil, who are different in almost every way possible; one brother being a 'spiritualist' and the other who rejects his brother's faith with a vengeance.

The very close relationship between Dina and her grand-father, Khalil is very unique and their deep religious beliefs help them stand all sorts of trials and tribulations.


8. 'The Basement' (Alireza Afkhami)

The series revolves around the greed theme. Three friends with a fake title deed deceive a rich man to buy a piece of land. But one of them takes the money and plans not to pay the share for his culprits.

He hides money in the basement of an old house, and on his way back he crashes and gets crippled. Now the two compete with each other to snatch the cash.


9. 'Coma' (Sirous Moqaddam)

'Coma' short description reads, "The wife of Tehran’s best brain surgeon has a tumor that’s quickly spreading. She insists he be the one to perform the operation on her. Despite his better judgment, he agrees, but when things don’t turn out the way he’d hoped, will he be able to live with the consequences?"

10. 'The Forbidden Fruit' (Hassan Fathi)

‘The Forbidden Fruit’ tells the story of a severely religious businessman whose faith is being put to question after he meets a young girl who is in desperate need of his help. His once perfect life collapses in front of his eyes as he realizes the pretense that is threatening his reputation, faith and family.


11. 'Day of Envy' (Sirous Moqaddam)

Masoud marries a second woman named Farideh after an accident leaves his first wife paralyzed. But Masoud has one condition for his second wife and that is keeping their marriage hidden as long as his first wife is alive. At first, Farideh reluctantly accepts the condition, but then she changes her mind.

How long can Masoud keep up his double life? Will everything fall apart or will he be able to manage the situation?


12. 'Chimney' (Mohammad-Hossein Latifi)

Effat and Firouz own a carpet cleaning center, which is also their home. Firouz’s sister is married to Effat’s brother and the two men cannot get along with each other.

Both families are constantly in need of money. Their financial situation gets even worse when officials seal their carpet cleaning center. But the families have to face their problems and manage to find a way out together.