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Don't miss this talk with ifilm 'Father' star Reyhaneh Parsa

Female lead in ifilm hit series 'Father' has talked with local media about her role in the production.

Female lead in ifilm hit series 'Father' playing the role of Leila has talked with local media about her role in the production.

Reyhaneh Parsa sat for an interview with local media about her impressive role in the series 'Father' currently airing on ifilm.

Below is the transcript of the interview originally conducted in the Persian language:

How did you get cast for ‘Father’ series?

My academic major is acting, and when the production team of the series was on the lookout for main cast members, I did an acting test and was accepted.

Who were on the casting team for this role?

"Director Behrang Tofiqi and producer Hamed Anqa"

At first, after reading the script, how did you enter the world of Leila's personality and life?

The day I went to give performance test for this role, I was given the series text. I read it and then talked with Anqa about the role that I was trying to grab

 Either I or anyone else who wanted to play Leila's character would have considered two points before taking on the role. The first point was the passion and energy before marriage in the case of Leila with the second point being the life change after her marriage.

The actor had to portray these two features well-suited to the audiences or so-to-speak craft it well. Given that the role of Leila was not far from my own character and age, this role was understandable to me.


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Did you feel any affinity to Leila’s character, was it kind of like you?

This character has two layers. On the one hand, she is energetic and playful which goes back to Leila's feelings before marriage, and then later on after her marriage, the transformed personality and calmness play in.I think the second layer and personality is much closer to me

How did the audience like the ‘Father’ series?

The feedback I received was positive; those who just saw the teaser trailer liked it as well. The story is in a way that is clear in the early parts of the series, but as it moves along in each episode, the audiences come across questions that keep them watching for answers.

How was the production team in terms of the first professional space you experienced in acting?

Experience always helps people, and every day for me, the location of the series was like a classroom in which I would learn from the actors in the series. Of course, I used to play in less professional environments like school or actor training centers, but the ‘Father’ series was a professional setting.

Every actor likes a scene or moment from his/her acting in a production. Which part of the series ‘Father’ is liked by you or has influenced you?

In the series, Hamed's character played by Sina Mehrad is my husband. After Hamed's death, my performance was indoor bound and less exposed to emotions which I loved it.

I have not experienced the death of any of my near and dear ones in life so far, and Hamed's death in the ‘Father’ series was the first experience of this type that changed me. In fact, I experienced in a different version the death of a loved one in the ‘Father’ series.

Which actor’s performance did you like the most in ‘Father’ series and how did you feel about it when you were starring in the series?

Mehdi Soltani. The actor is well versed in the guidance of actors like me because he is a university lecturer. Every word and sentence that he said taught me a lot and learned so much from me.

Playing in the series along with Mahdi Soltani was extremely enjoyable and the best chance for me.