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ifilm releases exclusive music clip on addiction

ifilm releases an exclusive music clip with theme of addiction.

ifilm releases an exclusive music clip with theme of addiction.

The music video highlights the issue of addiction with a tongue-in-a-cheek look.

Addiction can affect the youth in society in many ways and one of the most important responsibilities of a genuine entertainment channel just like ifilm English is to entertain the younger audiences in the best way possible with series and movies.

Do share with us how ifilm has managed to fill up the free time of your adolescents.

If you are frequent with ifilm series and movies, ‘Asleep and Awake’ is a case in point centering on the issue of drug addiction among other types of profitable dependance.

The series follows Natasha who has recently returned to the country. Assisted by Abdollah the Leopard, she commits robbery and other armed crimes. Later on the police enters the scene and pursuits the criminals.

 Famed Iranian helmer Mehdi Fakhimzadeh made the series who is a cop series expert in Iran cinema and television.

You can watch the series here.

By the way , don’t get me wrong, addiction can be in many forms such as using your handphone 24/7. So listen to ifilm music clip on various types of this issue.