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Newly aired ifilm series releases music video

ifilm website has released music video for series 'The Forbidden Fruit' featuring song by Ehsan Khajeh Amiri.

ifilm website has released music video for newly aired series 'The Forbidden Fruit' featuring soundtrack song.

The music video presents slivers of hit series 'The Forbidden Fruit' with stunning soundtrack song by famed singer Khajeh-Amiri.

‘The Forbidden Fruit’ tells the story of a severely religious businessman whose faith is being put to question after he meets a young girl who is in desperate need of help. His once perfect life collapses before his eyes as he realizes the pretense that is threatening his reputation, faith and family.

Khajeh-Amiri is an Iranian pop music singer with impressive music credits such as 'The Prince' and 'When it Rains' besides his hit song 'The Forbidden Fruit' that you can listen and enjoy by watching the video accompanying this story.