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‘Unfinished Documentary’ all set for public release

Iranian documentary on Syrian war ready to be screened.

Iranian doc ‘Unfinished Documentary’ on Syrian war has wrapped up technical stages and is ready for public release.

Directed by Ali Sarv, the documentary is centered on the early days of Daesh terrorist group in Syria.

The 37-minute piece gives the audience an insight into how a large portion of Syria population fell for the propaganda campaigns of hegemonic media outlets, unaware of the incitement that was initiated in their country.

‘Unfinished Documentary’ is a narrative on the heavy sense of responsibility that Hadi Baghbani and his colleagues felt in beginning this daring project.

The men were the first group of Iranian documentary filmmakers that had entered Syria, documenting the prevailing situation and the new war that had erupted in the country.

Documentary filmmaker and head of the filming crew, Hadi Baghbani, was martyred on the outskirts of Damascus in August, 2013.