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History repeats itself in ifilm weekend pick: Exclusive review

History repeats itself in ''Iran’s Orphanage’ movie, ifilm exclusive review says.

This weekend on ifilm, ‘Iran’s Orphanage’ depicts how meddling foreign powers in the early 20th century created crisis in Iran just like what they are doing in 2019.

‘Iran’s Orphanage’ by Abolqasem Talebi for this Saturday on ifilm narrates part of depressing history in Iran when it was tragically hit by famine, cholera and other crises.

While the flick is set in the early years of the 20th century, the events depicted in ‘Iran’s Orphanage’ suggest to the audiences how history is repeating itself in Iran 2019.

If you may wonder how past and present goes together for the audiences, especially those currently living in Iran, re-imposed US sanctions against Iran is the ultimate answer.

‘Iran’s Orphanage’ shows how the lack of crisis management and foreign interference brought about terrible situations for Iranian people back in the time. I still remember my late grandfather who had recalled those incredible days saying that some had to make bread with no flour replacing it with sawdust.

In those days, people suffered most due to the inefficient ruling power in Iran who bowed down to the hegemonic powers, particularly the UK.

The famine and invasion of Iran in World War I were two factors highlighted in the title which may not resemble Iran’s current situation at first sight.

However, the connection between past and present becomes crystal clear by taking a closer look at what’s going on in Iran 2019 and how the US and its allies are using maximum pressure in terms of economy and politics on the country.

Iran Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has called what the US is doing now against Iran as “economic terrorism” which is the pervasive soft war staged by the Trump administration.

The fact of the matter is ‘Iran’s Orphanage’ is showing an older version of the economic terrorism against peace-loving nation of Iran. In spite of this, the current situation in Iran is far better in terms of the country’s economic and military power.

On top of that, the unity among people from different walks of life in Iran and their culture of resistance boosted by the guidance of the leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei is a game-changer. Against all odds, Iran's economy is booming which promises all-inclusive self-efficacy of the country.


Reviewed by: Dr. Amir Ghajarieh