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Iran box office top hits revealed

The weekly list of bestselling films at the Iranian box office chart has been revealed.

The weekly list of bestselling films at the Iranian box office chart has been revealed.

According to the Cinematicket official website, the bestselling films of Iranian domestic cinema theaters for May 16-23 are as follows:

‘Texas 2’, directed by Masoud Atyabi, (Weekly gross 21,601,550,000 Rials, Total gross 119,261,540,000 Rials).

“In order to make his dream come true, Bahram adopts a Brazilian child to increase his chances of moving there. The next step which involves a money transfer to Sasan in order to complete the transaction is where it all begins,” a short synopsis of the flick reads.  

‘Samurai in Berlin’, directed by Mehdi Naderi, (Weekly gross 10,563,700,000 Rials, Total gross, 18,557,390,000 Rials).

Three repo men go to Berlin to repossess the property of someone. While they are in Berlin a series of incidents happen for them.  

‘6.5 Per Meter’, directed by Saeed Roustaee (Weekly gross 7,826,580,000 Rials, Total gross, 253,992,790,000 Rials).

The social drama, which pinpoints the issue of drug abuse and its aftermath, shows how a police officer and his squad try hard to eradicate the issue at hand.

 ‘Four Fingers’, directed by Hamed Mohammadi, (Weekly gross, 2,964,360,000 Rials, Total gross 102,262,320,000 Rials).

The flick narrates the story of two friends who travel to Cambodia to finish an unfinished job. But completing the incomplete task is not so easy.

 ‘Nabat’, directed by Pegah Arzi, (Weekly gross,  1,932,790,000  Rials, Total gross, 3,627,820,000 Rials).

Saeed is a 44-year-old man who lost his wife in an accident years ago. He lives with his 12-year-old daughter Nabat in Tehran. A sudden appearance of a woman in their life results in the total change of their destiny.