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FICEP literary fest selects Iranian lyricist book

FICEP Literary Festival picks the French translation of a book by the late Iranian popular series lyricist.

“La Clepsydre De L'amour” the French translation of a book of poems by the late Iranian lyricist Afshin Yadollahi has been chosen at the FICEP Literary Festival in France.

The translator of the book doctor Mitra Farzad and some other Iranian figures including Doctor Jamal Kamyab, Iran’s cultural attaché in Paris, were present at the festival.

Each of the selected works at the festival had the opportunity to be presented to the attendees. Iran’s contemporary literature and poems of Yadollahi were introduced to the audience.

So far, the book has been translated into Russian, French and English languages. The French translation has been published by Iran’s Candle & Fog and France’s de la Volva publishers. The English title of the book is “Sidewalk in the Clouds”.

Late Yadollahi has written the lyrics for a good number of series, some of which have been televised by ifilm English Channel. The soundtracks for ‘The Tenth Night’ and ‘The Forbidden Fruit’ are two of them.

Late Yadollahi was a psychiatrist but he was best known for his great lyrics at the opening soundtracks of Iranian series and movies.