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Iran actress exclusive talk on her criteria for accepting new roles

In an exclusive report, Iran actress Marjaneh Golchin has revealed some of the principles and standards which she considers before accepting a new role.

In an exclusive report, 'Cops and Robbers' actress Marjaneh Golchin has revealed some of the principles and standards which she considers before accepting a new role.

Speaking with ifilm reporter at the behind-the-scenes of the ‘Single or Couple’ series, which aired by IRIB channel 3, Marjaneh Golchin the well-known Iranian actress for ifilm viewers, talks about the principles that she considers before accepting a role in a new project.

She says that at the first step she looks at the background of the director and the producer. What kind of works they rendered before and how successful they were in their previous works. (This is the main point for her.)

She adds that at the second step she pays attention to the subject and the story that the new project wants to deal with. In her opinion, this project contains new-look or new perspective which attracted the attention of the actress.

She believes that the third reason which is important for her is the team that she is supposed to work with in a new project. No difference if the members of a new team are either new faces or the colleagues with whom she worked before. She likes the team whose members are cooperative. She says that a good and cooperative team creates nice behind-the-scenes moments that affect the main work while actors are performing in front of the camera.

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So far, Marjaneh Golchin has taken part in several movies, including ‘Tuberose’ (1987), ‘Little Bird of Happiness’ (1987), ‘The 29th Night’ (1989), ‘My Eyes for You’ (1992), ‘The Accused’ (1996) and ‘Laughter in the Rain’ (2010).

She has also participated in several TV series, such as: ‘A Marriage Full of Adventures’ (1989), ‘Sheriff 2’ (2005), ‘Shams-ol-Emareh’ (2009), ‘The Occupiers’ (2010), ‘The Rich and the Poor’ (2010), ‘A Way Out’ (2011), ‘Full Stop, Next Line’ (2011), ‘Cops and Robbers’ (2012) and ‘Warm Breath’ (2015).