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ifilm to throw away ‘Light and Shadow’

ifilm English TV is to air finale for the series ‘Light and Shadow’ on Wednesday night.

ifilm English channel has set to air final episode for the series ‘Light and Shadow’ on Wednesday night.

The series finale, produced by Kaveh Afzali and directed by Arash Moayyerian, will be aired on May 29, 2019, at 18:00 GMT.

The series is a narrative by a ghost! What appears to be the perfect residential building turns out to be a graveyard of secrets; dark secrets that have been haunting the residents for a long time.

The sudden death of a neighbor is the trigger that unravels everything. Will they get away with the lies, deception, drugs, and murder?

The flick has been made with a great cast list, including Mehran Rajabi, Mohammad Sadeqi, Nasrin Moqanlou, Fath-Ali Oveisi, Akram Mohammadi, Roya Nonahali, Leila Boloukat, Mehdi Solouki, and Zhaleh Olov.

‘Light and Shadow’, produced in 2010, will be replaced by the series ‘The Line’ written and directed by Abbas Ranjbar.