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‘Night of the Full Moon’ ticket pre-sale kicks off

Fajr blockbuster ‘Night of the Full Moon’ kicks off ticket pre-sale.

As the hype around the hotly-anticipated ‘Night of the Full Moon’ grows larger, studios in Iran has started to put tickets on sale much earlier, generating an ever-increasing amount of fan anticipation. 

Iranians are exhilarated to ensure they have their tickets ahead of time, rather than get to the theater on release day and find they cannot get into the sold-out show.

The big winner of the 37th Fajr Film Festival ‘Night of the Full Moon’ by Narges Abyaris has been anticipated to shatter records for movie ticket presales in Iran box office.

Good news for the long-awaited fans is that a public screening of the film is scheduled for Thursday June 6, 2019 with the attendance of A-list crew, including Elnaz Shakerdoust, Houtan Shakiba, Fereshteh Sadr-Orafaee, Shabnam Moghaddami and Narges Abyar.

Night of the Full Moon’ recounts a true love story of Abdul-Hamid Rigi, a member of the Jundallah terrorist group.

The film is co-written by Narges Abyar and Morteza Isfahani, directed by Narges Abyar and produced by Abyar’s husband Mohammad Hossein Qassemi in 2018.

‘Night of the Full Moon’ won as many as six main awards of the 37th Fajr Film Festival, including Best Director, Best Film, Best Leading Actor (Houtan Shakiba), Best Leading Actress (Elnaz Shakerdoust), Best Supporting Actress (Fereshteh Sadr-Orafaee), and Best Makeup (Iman Omidvari).

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