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Top Palestine-themed movies from Iran cinema: ifilm exclusive

ifilm website has rounded up a list of five Iranian movies with a theme around Palestinian.

ifilm website has rounded up a list of five Iranian movies with a theme around Palestinian people and their resistance against Israel.

Here is the list of top films made in Iranian cinema with a focus on Palestine:

1. The Survivor (Seifollah Dad)

‘The Survivor’ narrates the saddening story of Zionists’ occupation of Haifa city in Palestine. As a side story which becomes highlighted in the middle of the film a grandmother does the miraculous work by saving her only surviving grandchild from being brought up by a Zionist couple.

2. The Lead (Masoud Kimiaee)

The flick focuses on Jewish couple who decides to immigrate to the so-called “Promised land of Israel”. But their application is rejected due to a relative’s alleged betrayal in Israel.

3. ‘The Strangers’ (Abbas Rafei)

The title is in Arabic with crew members from Germany, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt. Rafei’s work narrates the story of a boy and a girl who are about to get married but they lose each other. They have to wait 40 years for a reunion. Amid all this, Palestine history and its occupation by Zionists is depicted in the film.

4. ‘Saturday's Hunter’ (Parviz Sheikh-Tadi)

The impressive plot of this movie shows how children are affected by Zionism ideology changing them to cruel and dangerous monsters who are inclined towards bloodshed.

5. ‘33 Days’ (Jamal Shourjeh)

While the flick is not closely related to Palestine, ’33 Days’ shows Israel atrocities in Lebanon. In 2006, the Israel regime attacked and invaded Lebanon in an effort to wipe out the Islamic Resistance, but after 33 days, it was forced to admit defeat and retreat from the country.