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'Father' main character talks about series success: ifilm exclusive

Iranian actor playing main character in 'Father' series talks with ifilm about the series success.

In an ifilm exclusive report, Iranian actor Mehdi Soltani-Sarvestani playing main character in 'Father' talks about the series success.

The actor said in ifilm show 'Behind the Scenes' that the series ‘Father’ enjoys all elements of a drama, lauding the producer and director who made good working atmosphere behind the scenes.

He noted that a series should gain good support from the backstage to be a success, adding this was the case with ‘Father’ series.

Considering all affecting elements, the actor predicted that the series should be a good one.

Soltani has appeared in several series, including ‘The Trial’ (1998), ‘The Final Decision’ (2001), ‘On the Way to Zayandeh Rood’ (2010), ‘The Wall’ (2012), ‘Like a Mother’ (2013), ‘Madineh’ (2014), ‘Seven Stones’ (2014) and ‘Kimiya’ (2013-2015).

He has also acted in some movies such as ‘The Queen’ (2011) and ‘Che’ (2013).

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