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Director of ifilm last weekend pick talks ‘Deal of the Century’

‘No to Deal of the Century’ says ‘Iran’s Orphanage’ director.

Distinguished Iranian director and screenwriter, Abolqasem Talebi, shared his thoughts on the day of Quds, the issue of Palestine, and Hollywood censorship on his personal twitter account today.

The director of the historical epic ‘Iran’s Orphanage’ reacted to Palestine and Hollywood censorship in a Friday social media post that reads:

“For a century, the Hollywood film industry has attempted to willfully disregard occupied #Palestine while over-exaggerating Hitler’s treatment of the Jewish people in order to legitimize Zionism; however, the only regime to ever be introduced as racist in the United Nations has been the Zionist regime and the strategic depth of Iran’s humanitarian vision is the #QudsDay. #NoToDealOfTheCentury”

A native of Isfahan, Talebi began his career writing short stories, making 16 short films prior to his cinematic debut as an assistant director with the 1992 film ‘On the Wings of Angels’.

He then went on to create numerous movies and television series such as ‘Where to in such a Hurry?’, ‘Mr. President’, ‘Afghan Bride’, ‘Empty Hands’, and ‘Golden Collars’.