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Iran film ‘Life Again’ to go on screen in Shanghai

Iranian ‘Life Again’ is to go on screen at Shanghai Int’l Film Festival in China.

Directed by Reza Fahimi, ‘Life Again’ has been selected to be screened at the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) in China.

The movie narrates the story of two elderly people (a man and a woman) who are going to live in a nursing home. Though they try to go to nursing home, the events are arranged in a way that they are forced to live together.

Golab Adineh and Shams Langeroudi are among the cast.

Hossein Pourmohammadi, the producer of the film, said domestic premiere of the movie will start June 10.

‘Life Again’ has previously garnered awards of Tirana International Film Festival in Albania and Golden Rooster Festival in China.

Founded in 1993, SIFF focuses on awards, markets, forums and film exhibitions so as to build an international platform, and promote the development of the Chinese film festival.

The 22nd SIFF is slated for June 15-24.