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Actor selection, script, determining factors for directors

Iran director expresses his idea about most effective factors that form at least 50 percent of a director’s job.

In an ifilm exclusive report, Iran young director Alireza Najafzadeh has explained about actor selection and good script as two determining factors forming at least 50 percent of a director’s job.

Speaking with ifilm reporter at the behind-the-scenes of the series ‘Single or Couple’ the young Iranian director clarifies how actor selection and script are basic factors for a director in the process of film production.  

According to Mr. Najafzadeh, if a director successfully selects both appropriate actors and good script for his film project, that director has succeeded to do 50 percent of his job well.

He believes that a director’s job becomes more difficult when the genre is comedy. Actors must be carefully selected for this genre because there are just few actors who have the capability to act as a comedian.

Compared with the scripts which are written for other genres, writing a script for comedy movie or series is very complicated because the words must be written in order to bring about laughter in the viewers.

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Alireza Najafzadeh is an Iranian actor, director, photographer, and assistant director. He has directed the series ‘Single or Couple’ aired by IRIB channel 3.