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This role does not look like me: 'Father' series Hamed

In an interview with main cast in ifilm series 'Father', the actor says Hamed does not resemble him.

In an interview with Sina Mehrad, the actor playing a main role in ifilm series 'Father' says Hamed does not resemble him in real life.  

The actor assuming a male lead character in 'Father' disclosed in the interview what he portrayed on the small screen of Hamed was just based on the storyline, adding this role does not even come close to his personality in real life.

He also shared the inside story of how he was cast as Hamed.

A synopsis for the series reads, "Haj Ali has always tried to live a righteous life and be the best father he can be for his children, but when his son decides to marry a girl who comes from a family with a different belief system, will Haj Ali be able to welcome her into their lives and be like a father to her as well?"

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